A new defense minister was appointed in Romania. His predecessor resigned after statements about Ukraine

Anna Kholodnova

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has approved Angel Tilvar, a candidate from the Social Democratic Party (SDP), as Minister of Defense.

The publication Romania-Insider writes about it.

Previously, Tilvar was the head of the delegation of the Romanian Parliament in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Tilvarʼs predecessor Vasile Dinka resigned due to the "impossibility" of further cooperation with the countryʼs president Klaus Iohannis. Before that, Dinku noted that Ukraine would have to "give up territories" in exchange for peace with Russia, for which he was criticized.

  • In early October, Dinku said that Russia has the resources to continue the war, so the US, Europe and NATO should join peace talks and security guarantees for Ukraine to end the war as soon as possible. According to him, currently Ukrainian politicians cannot afford to assume the loss of territories, but even a frozen conflict would be better than the hot phase of the war.