The Prosecutor General: According to the investigation data, almost 8 000 civilians became victims of Russian aggression

Oleg Panfilovych

According to the data of the criminal proceedings, almost 8 000 civilians became the victims of Russiaʼs full-scale aggression against Ukraine.

The Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin stated this in an interview with the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

"According to our data, 7 938 civilians were killed, including 430 children. Wounded — 10 897. Even so, I emphasize, these are only official, confirmed data, which are in the materials of criminal proceedings. Taking into account the impossibility of access to the occupied territories and the lack of a complete picture of what happened there, for example in Mariupol, and is happening now, we can only assume how terrible this figure is," Kostin noted.

According to him, more than 51 000 objects of civilian infrastructure were destroyed and damaged as a result of military operations. 41 184 of them were residential buildings and structures, 2 688 were educational and educational institutions (331 were completely destroyed), and 389 were medical institutions.

Kostin also said that as part of the investigations, the law enforcement officers found out that 9 400 children were taken from the occupied territories to Russia, which is a war crime and an element of genocide.