Ukraine created a drone capable of adjusting HIMARS fire

Oleg Panfilovych

Ukraine has created a reconnaissance drone capable of adjusting the fire of Western weapons such as HIMARS.

This is reported on the page of the Ukrspecsystems company.

A drone called "SHARK" was already being developed during a full-scale invasion. This device has secure encrypted communication and a camera with 30x optical zoom and additional digital zoom. The drone can penetrate up to 60 km behind enemy lines and conduct surveillance at a distance of up to 5 km from the drone to the object. The cruising speed is 70-90 kmph, and the maximum speed is 150 kmph.

The developer said that "SHARK" is fully ready for use in combat conditions. It is designed specifically for penetration into temporarily enemy-controlled territory: for deep aerial reconnaissance and correction, in particular, of Western long-range weapons, including the American HIMARS rocket artillery system.