Pope Francis called pornography a vice that “even priests and nuns” have

Sofiia Telishevska

Pope Francis warned priests and nuns about the dangers of watching pornography on the Internet, saying it "weakens their hearts."

This is reported by the BBC.

According to Francis, pornography is "a vice that many people have... even priests and nuns."

“A pure heart that receives Jesus daily cannot accept this pornographic information... And if you can delete it from your cell phone, delete it. So, you donʼt have temptation in your hand. And if you canʼt remove it, protect yourself well, so you donʼt get caught in it. I say: it weakens the soul. The devil enters from there: he weakens the priestʼs heart," he said in an address to priests and seminarians.

Church teaching considers pornography as a crime against chastity.

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