The developer of the “ePPO” informed about the first missile shot down with the help of the app

Kostia Andreikovets

With the help of the "ePPO" ["e-Air-Defence-Systems"] mobile application, it was possible to shoot down the first cruise missile launched by the Russians.

This was reported by Hennadii Suldin, one of the developers of the appl from the Technari design group.

The Kaliber missile was shot down from the portable anti-aircraft missile system (PAMS) Igla on October 22 in southern Ukraine. It was flying low, so the air defense systems could not see it, but several vigilant citizens noticed [it]. They notified about the missile in the app, and in a few seconds, as Suldin writes, the anti-aircraft guns received targeting information.

According to Suldin, the system worked exactly as the developers planned. "ePPO" was conceived precisely as a means of tracking low-flying cruise missiles, first of all "Kalibers". The Shahed-type threat appeared much later," he noted.