Security service of Ukraine: 12 pro-Russian parties were finally banned in Ukraine

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The activities of 12 pro-Russian political parties have already been completely banned in Ukraine. The Socialist Party of Ukraine was the last to be added to the list.

The press service of the SSU writes about this.

"These days, the Administrative Court of Cassation as part of the Supreme Court of Ukraine rejected the appeal of the Socialist Party of Ukraine and, thus, finally banned its activities in our country. From now on, the activities of 12 pro-Russian police forces are completely banned in Ukraine," the message reads.

Thus, the activities of the following parties were completely banned in Ukraine:

  • Opposition bloc;
  • Socialists;
  • Justice and Development Party;
  • Ours (Nashi);
  • State (Derzhava);
  • Block of Volodymyr Saldo;
  • Left opposition;
  • Shariy Party;
  • Union of Left Forces;
  • Opposition platform — For life (OPzZH);
  • Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine;
  • Socialist Party of Ukraine.

"The SSU emphasizes the inevitability of punishment for crimes against the national security of Ukraine and will continue to defend the interests of the state in similar court cases," the department emphasizes.