Bloomberg: Turkey tested a secret ballistic missile

Anna Kholodnova

Turkey tested a short-range ballistic missile over the Black Sea.

Bloomberg writes about this with reference to its sources.

The missile was launched from a mobile platform near the city of Rize around 07:00 local time. According to Bloomberg interlocutors, the projectile flew 561 kilometers and fell near the coast of the city of Sinop.

The development of a secret project called "Typhoon" lasted several years. The Turkish Defense Industry Authority, which oversees the production of weapons, refused to release any information about the missile.

  • In August 2022, Russia announced that it had signed a contract to supply Turkey with additional air defense missiles. According to the head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of the Russian Federation, the document provides for the production of components of the Russian S-400 system in Turkey.
  • Turkeyʼs Defense Procurement Agency denied the signing of the deal and said there had been no changes since the original contract was signed in 2017.