The Ministry of Foreign Affairs assured that at the moment no embassy has reported its intention to leave Ukraine

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs assured that no embassy has reported any intention to leave Ukraine at the moment. They warned about possible information leaks.

This was written by the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleh Nikolenko.

"We are constantly in touch with foreign embassies that returned to Ukraine after February 24. So far, not a single institution — the USA, Great Britain, Canada, the EU, and many others — has informed about their intention to leave Ukraine. Everyone is in place," he emphasized.

According to him, there are many false rumors about the alleged evacuation of foreign embassies from Ukraine. They are mainly distributed by Russian sources. The latest example is with the Serbian embassy, which left in March and never returned.

"The security situation is constantly changing, and it is the duty of every state to take care of its citizens abroad. With Russiaʼs intensification of missile attacks and kamikaze drone attacks on civilian infrastructure, some countries have renewed recommendations for their citizens to leave Ukraine. Ukraine does the same when it comes to threats to Ukrainians abroad. We perceive the recommendations of China and Egypt precisely as a response to Russiaʼs shelling of Kyiv on October 10," explained Nikolenko.

He also noted that the Russians have already damaged two diplomatic institutions in Kyiv with shelling. Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges foreign diplomats not to ignore air alarms and stay in shelters during them.