Ukraine returned the mother of four-year-old Alisa from “Azovstal” from captivity. The Russians separated the family in May

Anna Kholodnova

Ukraine returned from Russian captivity the medic Victoria Obidina, who was separated from her daughter Alisa during the evacuation from Azovstal.

This was reported by the former presidential commissioner for childrenʼs rights, Mykola Kuleba.

"Very soon little Alice will hug her mother! Happy for this family and that they will be together again," he wrote.

  • Mariupol was defended for 82 days, the defenders of the city dragged the enemyʼs forces to the Azovstal plant until the last in order to buy time for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in other directions and positions. On May 16, the evacuation of soldiers from the plant began.
  • Alisa was evacuated from Azovstal together with her mother, but during the passage of the "filtration camp" in Mangush, the occupiers detained the girlʼs mother because she is a military medic. The child went to Zaporizhzhia alone, she was accompanied by other people on the bus. Later, Alisa was taken in by her relatives.