The MDI: The occupiers are forcing ZNPP workers to sign contracts with “Rosatom”. All power units are disconnected at the station

Anna Kholodnova

The Russian military and "officials" of the occupation administration continue to put pressure on the workers of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (ZNPP).

This was reported in the Main Directorate of Intelligence (MDI).

The occupiers significantly limited the movement of auxiliary units on the territory of the ZNPP. Some of the stationʼs employees and their relatives underwent so-called “filtering”. Staff are also required to take Russian passports and sign contracts with “Rosatom”.

In addition, according to Ukrainian intelligence, all six units of the ZNPP are in a "cold state". Currently, the power supply of the station, including the security systems, is carried out at the expense of the 750 kV overhead line "Dniprovska".