The rockets damaged the National Academy of Sciences and the main building of Shevchenko University in Kyiv. Windows and doors are broken there

Sofiia Telishevska

As a result of shelling in Kyiv, the building of the National Academy of Sciences, the Kyiv City Teacherʼs House and one of the premises of the Ministry of Education and Science were damaged.

This was reported by the relevant minister Serhiy Shkarlet.

"Another massive missile strikes almost all over Ukraine is terrorism! Innocent people died: someone was getting to work, someone was out for a morning jog, someone was waiting for public transport... There are many wounded.The infrastructure buildings were destroyed, including the leading institution of higher education in Ukraine," the minister noted.

In a comment to "Babel", the director of the KNU Communications Center Volodymyr Lytvynenko reported damage to the main building of the Shevchenko National University, the Scientific Library named by M. Maksymovich, the National Institute of Philology, and the Faculty of Chemistry. Windows and doors are mostly broken there.

"The employees are all alive. There are several wounded people in the National Institute of Philology, which is located on Shevchenko Boulevard," he noted.