The Russians took over a thousand Ukrainian refugees who were standing on the border with Estonia to an unknown destination

Oleg Panfilovych

The Russian military took out more than a thousand Ukrainian refugees who were on the border with Estonia.

This was reported by ERR.

"There had been just over a thousand people waiting at the border; now theyʼre not there anymore — they were loaded onto trucks and taken away. We donʼt know where they were taken. The PPA is currently working on acquiring this info," said Minister of the Interior Laurie Lienemets.

According to the minister, law enforcement officers are using drones to find out whether the Russian authorities are sending these people to the "green" corridor, as Belarus did last year on the border of Lithuania and Latvia.

The publication reports that over a thousand people, mostly Ukrainians, have gathered on the Russian side of the southeastern border of Estonia in recent days, whose entry into Estonia is prevented by the Russian authorities, creating delays in border procedures. A queue formed there, where people waited for several days to cross the border.

  • Earlier, the UN stated that more than 9 million Ukrainians left the country after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion.