Russia was expelled from the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization

Anna Kholodnova

Russia lost its seat on the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada Yulia Kovaliv informed about this.

According to Reuters, Russia failed to get the 86 votes needed to remain on the 36-nation ICAO governing council. The president of the assembly and director general of civil aviation of South Africa, Poppy Khoza, called the situation unprecedented.

Previously, Russia, together with the G7, China, Brazil and Australia, held a seat on the ICAO Council as a "state of major importance in air transport".

  • After the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine on February 24, the European Union closed the skies for Russian aircraft, prohibited the supply of spare parts for them, maintenance, support and insurance, and also obliged leasing companies to return aircraft that were leased from Russian carriers. The USA also imposed sanctions on the aviation sector of the Russian Federation.
  • In July, it became known that Russian airlines refuse to return 435 aircraft and aircraft spare parts that they leased from foreign companies. These planes are worth billions of dollars, so leasing companies have already filed $10 billion worth of insurance claims.
  • Reuters, citing sources, wrote that Russian airlines, in particular the state-owned company Aeroflot, disassemble planes to get spare parts that they can no longer buy abroad due to Western sanctions.