The panel of judges did not release Bohdan Lvov, who was confirmed to have a Russian passport. There were not enough votes

Anhelina Sheremet

Judges of the Commercial Court of Cassation as part of the Supreme Court were unable to gather enough votes to remove Bohdan Lvov from his position. The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) confirmed that he has a Russian passport.

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The majority of judges did not support the initiative regarding the early suspension of Lviv: 21 votes were pro, while 22 were needed. Another 18 judges voted contra.

Bohdan Lvov himself said that he will take a vacation and hopes that during this time all the dots above the "i" will be placed.

On October 3, the Security Service of Ukraine confirmed that Bohdan Lvov has a Russian passport. The verification of these data is ongoing, and the results will be reported further.

  • On September 15, the "Schemes" project published material about the Russian passport of Bohdan Lvov — journalists allegedly found his application for obtaining a Russian passport in 1999. "Schemes" also found out that in October 2012, a new passport of a Russian citizen was issued in the name of Bohdan Lvov. The basis for replacing the document is reaching the age of 45. On September 16, Lvov himself denied having a Russian passport, but for the period of the investigation, he was denied access to state secrets.
  • On September 21, NABU began an investigation against Lvov, who did not declare his familyʼs Moscow real estate. As journalists have established, the judgeʼs family owns an apartment in the Russian capital on the Leningrad highway, the approximate market value of which is 11 million hryvnias. Since 2012, the apartment has been decorated in half — for Lvovʼs mother-in-law and his wife. But in none of his property declarations did he mention that his wife had real estate registered in Moscow.