The President: The war will end only after the complete de-occupation of Ukrainian territories

Sofiia Telishevska

Ukraine must return all its temporarily occupied territories. Only in such case we can talk about the end of the war.

Volodymyr Zelensky stated this during a conversation with students and teachers of Harvard University.

"If it is not clear to us that we have regained our land, that the war is over and that this is peace; if something is always under a question mark; if there remains some part of our land that is not deoccupied, and the other part is in some kind of compromise, then - believe me - Russia will still return to occupying our land," the head of state noted.

The President emphasized that, unfortunately, Ukraine will not be able to return its dead citizens, but it will certainly be able to restore justice, which begins with the return of its land.

Zelensky is convinced that Russiaʼs war against Ukraine demonstrated the need to reboot international institutions, which should react faster, preferably preventively, and not wait for a bad result.

According to him, the world should be strong and not be afraid of nuclear intimidation by one or another aggressor.

"There will be many more such threats. So that there are fewer of them, it should be systematically written out what the reaction will be, even to words or intentions. So that such military and political leaders are afraid to even think of threatening any state with anything — nuclear weapons, hunger, annexation or occupation," Zelensky emphasized.

The President is convinced that Ukraine can provide an example of such changes in the international security system, because it was on the territory of our country that the aggressor violated human rights, tortured, raped, seized a nuclear power plant, and threatened with nuclear weapons.