The “Justice Initiative” was created in Ukraine to search for war criminals. Those who help to find them will be rewarded

Kostia Andreikovets

In Ukraine, the Justice Initiative Fund (JIF) was created. It will collect information about Russian war criminals and pay a reward for it, as well as promote conviction and punishment.

This was announced by the co-founder of JIF, Stanislav Aseev, a Ukrainian journalist, former prisoner of the "DPR" militants and the author of the book of essays In Isolation (Isolation is the name of the prison where Aseev was held).

According to him, the fund will work in cooperation with the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The fund will collect information about specific criminals and create profiles for each of them. The JIF website already has the profiles of Igor Girkin, the commander of the Akhmat Kadyrovites unit Anzor Bisayev, the staff of the Donetsk concentration camp "Isolation" and others.

Aseev stated that the JIF should become a kind of Ukrainian Wiesenthal Center, which after the Second World War searched for the executioners of the Jewish people.

"JIF is created not for a year, not for two, but for a decade: we understand that we will be looking for these monsters as long as they exist. But when Russia reaches the level of 1990, and Russians will stand in long lines for moonshine, cursing the already dead Putin, the money for these monsters on the website will be a fortune for them. And it is necessary to start now," said Aseev.

The public JIF team included military correspondent and human rights defender Janine di Giovanni, scientist Igor Kozlovsky, FBI veteran Karen Greenway, released from captivity volunteer paramedic Julia "Tayra" Paevska, lawyer and veteran Masi Nayyem.