Finland has announced that it will ban the entry of Russian tourists

Anhelina Sheremet

Finland prohibits the entry of Russian tourists, the government will announce this officially in the near future.

This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland Pekka Haavist on September 23, Yle cites.

The restriction applies to all visas issued by Finland and other countries of the Schengen Agreement. In addition, multiple entry visas issued by Finland can be canceled at the border if the new visa conditions are no longer met. Entry restrictions do not apply, for example, to visiting relatives, students, and trips for humanitarian reasons.

Also, in order to obtain a visa, Russians bought real estate in Finland and registered it with several owners — on this basis, they could get a visa. Now the government will close this loophole.

According to Haavisto, Finland is now acting according to its situation and is no longer waiting for joint EU measures. The Schengen rules contain a section on causing international harm, which Finland now relies on — this gives Finland enough support to tighten the visa regime.

According to Haavisto, Finland risks becoming a transit country for Russian tourists, as borders in other European countries are close to them. Finland was the only land border country within the Schengen free movement zone that did not have strict entry restrictions. There is already a "principle project of the decision", which is currently undergoing technical and legal preparation, which will last several days. According to the Border Service, the number of Russians arriving in Finland has doubled in a week.

Before that, Finland asked the European Commission to recommend the countries of the bloc cancel the visas of Russians who were refused entry to the Schengen zone. The decision to cancel a visa or ban entry is reflected in the unified information system of the Schengen zone. Thus, a Russian who was refused entry at the border of one country of the Schengen zone will not be able to enter the EU through another.