They were electrocuted, cut by knife and beaten by hand: the British told about the torture in Russian captivity

Sofiia Telishevska

Citizens of Great Britain, who returned from Russian captivity, in an interview with the Daily Mail, told how the Russians tortured them — they were beaten, cut with a knife, staged the “death penalty” and electrocuted.

The captives said that they ate "real food" for the first time in months on board the plane en route to Saudi Arabia.

"We had beef and rice, chicken, pancakes with filling," said British paramedic John Harding, who in recent years served in the "Azov" regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine.

According to him, he lost a lot of weight in captivity because they were kept in a prison cell for 23 hours a day. Also, according to him, the Russians are "very ingenious" when itʼs about tortures.

They converted an old telephone in such a way that a prisoner of war dialed a number on it, and when the dial returned to its place, he was shocked with an electric current.

"There were beatings, electric shocks and beating again. One boy was stabbed in the leg, after which he was stitched up. I think we were tortured for fun," Harding emphasized. According to him, the beatings could last several hours.

The publication writes that the British were also subjected to psychological torture. As Harding said, the guards even forced him to record a farewell video for his daughter before the shooting.

  • On the evening of September 22, five released British citizens — Aiden Aslin, Sean Pinner, John Harding, Dylan Hill and Andrew Hill — returned to their homeland. This was achieved through the mediation of Saudi Arabia; the British became part of a large exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine.