The head of the Gas Transport System Operator of Ukraine announced that he was fired

Oleg Panfilovych

The head of the Gas Transport System Operator of Ukraine (OGTSU) Serhii Makohon said that he was fired.

He reported this on Facebook.

"While on a business trip, I suddenly learned that Moscow State University dismissed me last Friday. Four votes against one. I still donʼt understand why," he wrote.

According to him, the reason could be an attempt to block the reform of the corporate management of the Gas Transmission System Operator and "to lead his people to the management of the company without a transparent competition."

"Of course, this is happening with the informal support of the Ministry of Energy, which also recently offered its representative for the position of head of OGTSU. In any case, this is a very irresponsible decision that endangers the countryʼs energy security," Makohon added.

  • The operator of the gas transmission system said that there will be enough gas reserves to get through a mild winter, as gas consumption has decreased significantly today.
  • This winter is expected to be the most difficult of all years because of the Russian invasion. The head of Naftogaz JSC Yuriy Vitrenko warned that the temperature in the premises will be four degrees below normal, and the heating season will start later and end earlier than usual.
  • Ukraine will need the help of allies in the gas issue, since almost 50% of Ukraineʼs gas fields are located in the Kharkiv region, not far from the front line.