In the south, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a Russian barge and prevented the occupiers from repairing the Antoniv bridge in Kherson

Anna Kholodnova

In the south, Ukrainian aviation struck the Russian invaders three times and destroyed two enemy drones. The Armed Forces also destroyed a Russian barge.

This is reported in the operational command "South".

The Ukrainian army destroyed the plans of the Russians to repair the Antoniv railway bridge. They also destroyed the barge with which the occupiers tried to deliver weapons and equipment.

Missile and artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine performed more than 320 fire missions. Confirmed Russian losses in the south amount to 62 occupiers and five units of armored vehicles.

Due to the storm in the Black Sea, Russia reduced the number of its ships to six. As before, they take shelter along the southern coast of Crimea. One ship was left on combat duty — a carrier of eight "Calibre" and three large amphibious ships.