Spain sent five planes with ammunition for large-caliber artillery to Ukraine

Anna Kholodnova

Spain sent Ukraine five transport planes with ammunition for large-caliber artillery systems.

This was reported in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

An Air Force One aircraft of the Spanish Armed Forces took off from the Torrejon de Ardos Air Base in Madrid on September 9. He delivered ammunition for large-caliber field artillery to Ukraine.

This is the fifth flight with weapons that has left Spain for Ukraine in recent days.

Four previous flights departed from the base in Rota. In total, with these five flights, Spain sent 75 pallets of large-caliber ammunition to Ukraine.

In addition, in response to Defense Minister Reznikovʼs request, Spain handed Ukraine medical supplies and 20 trucks with winter equipment.

  • On August 24, the Ministry of Defense of Spain announced the sending of additional military aid to Ukraine. This package of military aid included about 20 armored vehicles, 75 pallets of ammunition for field artillery, a full battery of anti-aircraft defenses, as well as a thousand tons of diesel worth approximately €2.5 million.