Russia caused damage to the infrastructure of Ukraine in the amount of $114.5 billion

Sofiia Telishevska

The cost of direct damage to the infrastructure of Ukraine for more than 6 months of war reached $114.5 billion.

This was reported by the analytical division of the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) KSE Institute.

According to experts of the "Russia will pay" project, the increase in the total amount of damages is associated with an increase in the number of destroyed and damaged objects among industrial enterprises, social institutions, and objects of culture, tourism, and sports.

According to the latest data, since the beginning of the war, the following have been damaged and destroyed:

  • 412 industrial enterprises — $9.7 billion in losses;
  • 141 social institutions;
  • 1,153 cultural, sports and tourist facilities — $2 billion in damages;

The largest part in the total amount of losses belongs to the housing fund and infrastructure — 72%. In total, the losses of these two areas are estimated by project experts at $82.9 billion.

In total, since the beginning of Russiaʼs war against Ukraine, at least 15,300 high-rise buildings, 115,900 private houses, 44 social centers, 1,118 secondary education institutions, 1,991 shops, 593 pharmacies, 188,100 private cars, have been damaged, destroyed or captured. 9.5 thousand buses, 492 trams and trolleybuses, 978 medical facilities, 511 administrative buildings.