NABU declared the suspicion against “Ukrnafta” former officials for embezzlement of over 13 billion hryvnias

Oleg Panfilovych

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) informed the officials of "Ukrnafta" and the directors of several enterprises of the suspicion of embezzlement of the companyʼs property and funds worth 13.3 billion hryvnias.

This was reported by the NABU press service.

The suspicion was declared to the former chairman of the board of “Ukrnafta”, the former deputy head of the department for the sale of oil, gas and oil and gas processing products of “Ukrnafta”, the former head of the department of control over accounting and supplies of oil and petroleum products of “Ukrnafta”, and the former directors of 5 commercial enterprises. One of them was detained.

"Ukrnafta" concluded sales contracts with a number of companies and supplied raw materials worth UAH 10.7 billion, without having legal grounds, without receiving full payment. Petroleum products were processed and sold at gas stations throughout the country.

In another episode, "Ukrnafta" concluded 52 contracts for the purchase of oil products with another company and paid in advance their cost of more than UAH 2.57 billion. However, as a result, “Ukrnafta” never received the oil products.

As the detectives established, the spent funds were transferred abroad to the accounts of a number of offshore companies.

"It is interesting that, according to the investigation, the companies with which oil supply contracts were concluded are related to companies of the Privat group," NABU noted.