Operational Command “South”: the Armed Forces destroyed almost 120 occupiers, more than 30 pieces of equipment, and four warehouses in the Kherson region

Kostia Andreikovets

Over the past day, the Ukrainian aviation has carried out 16 strikes on the strongholds of the Russian occupiers, ammunition warehouses, as well as areas where enemy forces are concentrated.

This was reported by the operational command "South".

The destruction of 117 occupiers, nine T-72 tanks, three rocket salvo systems "Grad", self-propelled gun "Hyacinth-S", howitzer "Msta", 18 units of armored vehicles, as well as four warehouses in Bashtansky, Berislavsky, Kakhovsky and Kherson districts.

  • On August 29, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a military operation in the Kherson region, which the media called a counteroffensive. This is probably a preparatory operation for the liberation of the occupied territories of the south. The operations were preceded by massive strikes on the bridges, warehouses and headquarters of the occupiers.