Twitter planned to create an analogue of OnlyFans within the network, but refused due to weak moderation

Sofiia Telishevska

The Twitter company planned to create an analogue of OnlyFans within the social network, but the implementation of the project was hindered by child pornography and weak moderation.

This is reported by The Verge.

Twitter remains the last popular social network where users can freely post fully nude photos and even porn. The company, although cautious about such an advantage, wants to use it to obtain additional profit.

Journalists talked to former and current employees of the company, as well as studied the platformʼs internal documents, and found out that back in the spring of this year, Twitter management planned to compete with OnlyFans, but postponed the idea.

They feared that advertisers would leave the platform, even though profits from porn content could offset that. The company even formed a team of 84 employees who studied the risks of introducing such an initiative.

They identified child pornography as the main problem, which, due to weak moderation, can reach unprecedented proportions.

  • OnlyFans has announced that starting October 1, it will ban the publication of sexual content. The service decided to take such a step due to pressure from banks and payment services. Because of this, platform users and sex workers staged a mass protest on social networks.