The office of the Prime Minister of Poland revealed how much the country spent on aid to Ukraine

Anna Kholodnova

The head of the office of the Prime Minister of Poland, Michał Dworczyk, said that the citizens of his country have already provided assistance to Ukraine in the amount of more than 10 billion zlotys (€2.1 billion). And the value of the transferred weapons is about 7 billion zlotys (€1.47 billion).

PAP writes about it.

Answering a question about the amount of aid to Ukraine, Dworczyk noted that he had seen analytics according to which the total amount of aid provided to Ukrainians from Polish citizens exceeds 10 billion zlotys. He did not specify the source of the data.

The head of the Prime Ministerʼs office also noted that the support provided by Poland to Ukraine is also state aid, which he divided into two parts — spent on the territory of Poland and transferred to Ukraine.

"The largest part of the amount transferred to Ukraine is military support," Dworczyk said. He added that itʼs about 7 billion zlotys — this is exactly the value of the military equipment transferred to Ukraine.

"This is not only a manifestation of solidarity with our eastern neighbor, but also a strategic action that contributes to the security of Poland. Every Russian tank destroyed in Ukraine is potentially minus one tank that could later stand on the Russian-Polish or Belarusian-Polish border," the head of the Polish Prime Ministerʼs office emphasized.

He also noted that during his last visit to Ukraine, he "heard thanks from everywhere for the loyalty of Polish society and the support of the government."