Russia destroyed a total of 123 medical facilities and killed 18 civilian doctors during the war

Sofiia Telishevska

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, the occupiers have damaged 906 health care facilities, 123 of them were completely destroyed. The final data are still unknown due to the impossibility of accurately assessing the condition of hospitals in the occupied territories.

The head of the Ministry of Health, Viktor Lyashko, told about this in an interview with "RBK-Ukraine".

"Individually, we have another 87 ambulances disabled — fired upon, damaged by shrapnel — now they are not on the route. And 241 ambulances were taken away by the occupiers, we do not know their condition. In addition, 47 pharmacies were completely destroyed, these are mostly private facilities. 505 pharmacies were damaged — some of them have resumed work, some have not," noted Lyashko.

The minister specified that 18 civilian medical workers are currently known to have been killed, this is without taking into account those who were mobilized to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and work either in the Medical Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces or as servicemen with weapons.

"Another 59 civilian medics now have complex injuries and are undergoing treatment," added the head of the Ministry of Health.

When asked whether there are enough medical workers in Ukraine, he answered in the affirmative.

"According to official statistics, 0.5% of all medical workers — these are nurses and doctors — left Ukraine. But if we assume that the official data has an error, then 1.5% is the maximum. But this is without taking into account the employees of private health care institutions," he explained.

According to Lyashko, from the first days of the war, the Ministry of Health allowed medics to work in any health care facility. The main thing is for the administration to record and transfer the information to the head of the institution where this doctor previously worked. In this way, it was possible to preserve the potential of doctors, the minister summarized.