In Crimea, a man who requested a Ukrainian song in a cafe was fined for “discrediting the army.” The DJ will serve 10 days in prison

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

In occupied Crimea, a local "court" fined a man, who requested a Ukrainian song in a cafe, 50 000 rubles (16 500 UAH) for "discrediting the army." The DJ who played this song will serve 10 days in prison.

"Kommersant" and " Krym.Realii " write about this.

The incident with the song happened in the “Crab” cafe in the Crimean city of Shtolkine, which is not far from Kerch. The man ordered the song "Wild Field" (“Dyke Pole”), and the DJ played it.

"During the meeting, it was established that on August 12, a citizen reauested the DJ of an entertainment institution to play the Ukrainian nationalist song "Wild Field" (“Dyke Pole”). At the same time, a video was broadcast on the projector discrediting the use of the Soviet Union, as well as the symbols of the "Azov" national battalion, banned in Russia. The perpetrator fully admitted his guilt and explained that he was very drunk," the “Kommersant” newspaper was told in court.

A cafe DJ was sentenced to 10 days in prison for displaying "Nazi symbols". He partially admitted his guilt, as he did not know either the content of the song or the video series.