The chairman of Ryanair has stated that the era of €10 tickets is over

Kostia Andreikovets

The head of Europeʼs largest low-cost airline, Ryanair, stated that the era of €10 tickets is over. According to Michael OʼLeary, the airline will no longer offer flights at the lowest prices due to the sharp rise in fuel costs.

He told BBC radio about this.

The average airline fare will rise from around €40 last year to around €50 over the next five years. OʼLeary added that Ryanair would move away from advertised fares such as €1 or €9.99 in the coming years.

  • Earlier it became known that Ryanair plans to resume flights from Ukraine this fall. OʼLeary promised that Ryanair would be "the first airline to return to Ukraine" after the Russian invasion, when it was safe to do so.
  • The company stopped flights to Ukraine with the beginning of the invasion — Ryanair did not prematurely cancel flights, as other airlines did.