​The Prosecutorʼs Office handed over assets of the Belarusian oil production company worth 4 billion hryvnias to ARMA

Anna Kholodnova

Assets of a Belarusian resident enterprise in the amount of about 4 billion hryvnias were transferred to the management of ARMA.

This was reported in the Prosecutor Generalʼs Office.

According to the investigation, a Belarusian company operates in Ukraine, which provides services in the field of oil and natural gas extraction. In its activities, it uses the equipment of the "Belorusneft" enterprise. Currently, law enforcement officers are investigating the activities of this enterprise and its possible assistance to Russia in the preparation and conduct of the war against Ukraine.

At the request of the prosecutorʼs office, the court seized the corporate rights of the company — this is almost a billion hryvnias of authorized capital, as well as immovable and movable property, the estimated value of which is three billion hryvnias.