NAPC gathered a base of traitors from MPs, law enforcement officers and others. Totally, almost 1 500 people entered there

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption created a database of traitors, where they entered all suspected collaborators. In total, there are already almost 1 500 people there.

NAPC writes about this in its Telegram channel.

"NAPC identified 215 people among local deputies and local self-government officials who may be collaborators. In general, the database of traitors, which NAPC transferred to the Security Service of Ukraine, consists of almost 1 500 people," the message reads.

The base got:

  • MPs of local councils and officials of local self-government — 215 people;
  • heads of local councils/administrations — 22 people;
  • civil servants of various levels — 32 people;
  • law enforcement officers — 334 people;
  • heads of state and communal enterprises, institutions and organizations — 70 people;
  • 344 private individuals.

They also noted there that they had initiated criminal charges against two persons who may be collaborators. Traitor officials worked in Kharkiv oblast and Kherson oblast — they passed on information to the Russians about local activists and ATO participants.