“There are already MLRS and HIMARS at the front.” The Minister of Defense of Ukraine is confident that the Armed Forces will receive modern aircraft from the West

Sofiia Telishevska

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, in an interview with the BBC, expressed his belief that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive aircraft from the West.

According to him, this work is going "step by step".

Reznikov gave the example that in November 2021, the USA denied the possibility of providing Ukraine with long-range weapons, and now both MLRS and HIMARS are on the front.

"There are two things I still fight for — modern tanks and airplanes. So far we have not broken this line. But I am convinced that we will succeed. For me today, the answer "it is impossible" means that it is possible, but in the future. And there will be planes. What are the questions? Because if anyone thinks that F-16s are the solution, then they are deeply mistaken. Our airfields are not ready for F-16. So maybe we need other planes. Not only the F-16 is a good solution. There are other planes of modern level. For example, Swedish-made Gripen," the minister said.