The musician of the singer Roxolana was killed by the Russian shelling of Vinnytsia

Oleg Panfilovych

Musicians from the team of the singer Roxolana, a participant in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, were among the dead and injured as a result of the rocket attack on Vinnytsia. One of them died, the other was seriously injured.

The singer announced this on Instagram. The musicians were preparing for a concert that was to be held in the Officersʼ House, one of the buildings shelled by Russian troops.

"During the rocket attacks by the Russians on Vinnytsia, part of our team was in the center of the city, all of them were wounded. Zhenia died. Andrii is in a serious condition and continues to fight for his life in the operating room," the singer said.

  • As a result of a rocket attack on Vinnytsia on Thursday, at least 20 people were killed. Three children were among the dead. More than 90 people are injured, half of them are in serious condition. The occupiers struck the center of the city, where three rockets hit. The impact fell on the parking lot near the nine-story "Yuvileinyi" household building. The Officersʼ House and nearby residential buildings were also damaged.