Forbes: Russia has a fivefold advantage in artillery, but Western weapons can change the situation

Anna Kholodnova

Russia has five times more artillery than Ukraine. The ratio is estimated to be one to five, by the number of MLRS — at least one to seven. But Western weapons can change the situation.

Forbes writes about it.

In particular, journalists of the publication report that Russia fires up to 2,000 tons of ammunition at Ukraine every day.

At the start of the full-scale invasion, Russia had about 3,500 howitzers and self-propelled artillery. Most of them are light artillery with a caliber of 100-122 mm.

In Ukraine, there were three times fewer guns, mainly 152 mm caliber. Therefore, for every shot of the Armed Forces, there were up to 10 Russian shots.

Currently, the Russian Federation still has about 12,000 artillery systems in reserve warehouses. Most of them are old weapons that need repair or restoration, but there are still many.

But Russia needs significant supplies at a short distance from the front in order to quickly deliver them to its units. And this is a good target for defeat, besides, Russia depends on railways and logistics routes.

According to Brigadier General Volodymyr Karpenko, the artillery provided to Ukraine by the West is capable of "crushing" the Russian one, but Western weapons should be enough to cover the entire front line.

Karpenko believes that about 40 mechanized brigades are needed to close the front line.