The situation at the front on July 7: the Russians advance to Siversk, and near Bakhmut and Slovyansk, the Armed Forces repel assaults — on the “Babel” maps

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

Russian troops continue to advance in the Donbas and are gradually approaching the city of Siversk. Fighting continues in the villages near it. At the same time, the occupiers have no success in other areas.

See the situation at the front on July 7 on the Babel maps.

Kharkiv oblast

  • The Russians continue to shell the populated areas of the oblast along the entire contact line, including Kharkiv.
  • To the north of Kharkiv, the occupiers are holding positions to prevent the Armed Forces of Ukraine from advancing to the state border.
  • Another attempt to attack Sosnivka was repelled by the Ukrainian military.



  • On the Slovyansk direction, the Russians occupied the village of Mazanivka, south of Dovhenke.
  • The occupiers are actively shelling Slovyansk and Kramatorsk.
  • Subsequent attempts to attack Bogorodichnye were unsuccessful.
  • Russian troops captured Bilohorivka, Verkhnokamyanka, and Spirne. Currently, fighting continues on the approaches to Siversk — in Hryhorivka and Verkhnyokamyanske.
  • The offensive on Berestove was repulsed by the Ukrainian military.
  • The Russians also tried to improve their positions in the area of the village of Vershyna, but failed.




  • In the south of Ukraine, tactical combat operations continue with mutual shelling without any serious advances by either side.


Kherson oblast

  • Mutual shelling continues along the entire front line in Kherson oblast.
  • Ukrainian troops are trying to gradually advance in the direction of Kherson, but the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not announce the details publicly.