Belarusian troops are ready to strike Poland in the event of a conflict

Kostia Andreikovets

The Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Belarus, Major General Ruslan Kosygin, threatens to strike Polandʼs infrastructure in response to "provocations by Western countries."

As BELTA reports, Kosygin said this while discussing the strengthening of NATOʼs military presence on the eastern flanks of the Alliance.

"In the event of a conflict, the territory of Poland with its military infrastructure becomes the primary target of attack, namely decision-making centers, elements of the management system, points of permanent deployment of the national armed forces, arsenals and bases, as well as critically important objects of their economy and transport infrastructure. As the head of state has said more than once, the answer will be immediate. It is they who will be hit if they try to talk to our state from a position of strength," Kosygin said.