WSJ: Russia is turning the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant into a military base

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Russian occupiers are turning the captured Zaporizhzhia NPP into a real military base. Tanks and armored personnel carriers, as well as rocket launchers, have already been moved on its territory.

The Wall Street Journal writes about it.

In total, there are approximately 500 Russian military personnel on the territory of the NPP. They deployed heavy artillery batteries and laid anti-personnel mines along the banks of the reservoir that cools the six reactors.

The Zaporizhzhia NPP is located on the bank of the Dnipro River, the opposite bank is fully under the control of the Ukrainian authorities. The distance between the shores is 5 kilometers, which allows the Ukrainian military to fire artillery at Russian positions without any problems, but they donʼt do this because of the threat of damaging nuclear facilities.

The Russians drove a lot of equipment to the territory of the NPP, and created a network of trenches around it. Rosatom technicians also set up a base in a bunker on the stationʼs territory.