Prime Minister Shmyhal: Russian troops have already caused more than $100 billion in damage to Ukrainian infrastructure

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal reported that Russian troops have already caused $100 billion worth of damage to Ukrainian infrastructure. And these are only direct damages — that is, concrete destruction of various objects.

He stated this during a speech at a conference on the restoration of Ukraine in Switzerland, writes Ukrinform.

"We are already creating an electronic map of Ukraine, where we record all the damage caused by the war. This map is constantly updated, damages are constantly fixed and verified from several sides. Thanks to the developed digital tools of the government and the web application "Diia", every citizen of Ukraine can submit information about his destroyed home. About 250,000 applications are already in the databases," Shmyhal said.

According to him, local authorities will then verify this information and enter their own information about destroyed and damaged objects of social and critical infrastructure — schools, hospitals, kindergartens, boiler houses, and administrative buildings — into the database.

"Today, Ukraineʼs direct infrastructure losses amount to more than 100 billion dollars. More than 1,200 educational institutions, more than 200 hospitals, thousands of kilometers of gas pipelines, water and electricity networks, roads and railways were destroyed or damaged. And we count each object, there will be a reconstruction project for each object," the Prime Minister emphasized.