Russia will completely close the Nord Stream gas pipeline for 10 days, ostensibly for repairs

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

Russiaʼs Nord Stream gas pipeline from Russia to Germany will be completely closed for "repairs" for 10 days — from July 11 to 21.

This was reported by the Russian agency Interfax.

"From 11 to 21 July 2022, Nord Stream AG will temporarily shut down both strands of the Nord Stream gas pipeline for scheduled maintenance, including testing of mechanical components and automation systems, to ensure efficient, safe and reliable operation of the pipeline," the statement said.

They emphasize that the schedule of these repair works has been previously agreed with all gas conveyors and partners. Russiaʼs Gazprom confirmed the information about the repairs.

  • In mid-June, Russiaʼs Gazprom shut down another gas turbine engine at the Nord Stream pipeline compressor station. As a result, gas pumping to the EU has been reduced to 40% of pipeline capacity. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck believes that Russiaʼs reduction of gas supplies to the European Union is a political decision. According to him, Germany understands the need to service the pipeline, but "the first set of maintenance work will be carried out no earlier than autumn."