The Russian occupiers are trying to escape the war through the Arabat arrow to the Crimea

Anna Kholodnova

The Russian military is trying to escape the war through Kherson oblast to the Crimea,

This was reported in the Central Intelligence Agency.

According to Ukrainian spies, a group of deserters aged 18-20 appeared in occupied Kalynivka, Kherson Oblast. They are dressed in Russian-style military uniforms, without insignia and hats, and ask the locals for food and water. One of the Russians was probably wounded. They have three Kalashnikov rifles with them. Moving towards the Crimea. Russian deserters move only at night and hide during the day.

The Central Intelligence Agency notes that in general in Kherson oblast there are many cases of desertion of the Russian military. The main reason for the escape was the heavy losses of the occupiers due to accurate Ukrainian artillery strikes. Most often, fugitives try to get to the Crimea through the Arabat arrow. This route is considered safe and well "worked out".