In the morning the Russian troops fired missiles at Mykolayiv about 10 times

Anna Kholodnova

The troops of the Russian Federation continue to fire at Mykolayiv oblast. In the morning across the city of Mykolayiv Russians struck from missiles — recorded about 10 "arrivals".

The head of the Mykolayiv oblast council Anna Zamazeeva reported about it.

According to her, Bashtanka and Mykolayiv districts also appeared under the Russian fire. The shelling took place in Shyrokove, Bereznehuvate, Inhulets, Prevomaisk, Kutsurub, Radsadivka and Halytsyne communities.

For the past 24hrs, five people were injured in Mykolayiv oblast. There are no children among the victims. All the wounded were taken to medical facilities, they are provided with the necessary assistance.

As of the morning of July 1, in Mykolayiv hospitals there are 258 people who suffered from attacks of the Russian occupiers on Mykolayiv oblast. Another 50 people received outpatient care.