He fired from a tank at a new building in Chernihiv. The Russian military pleaded guilty in court

Julia Sheredeha

Tanker Mikhail Kulikov, who fired from a tank at a new building in Chernihiv, pleaded guilty at todayʼs hearing in the Desnianskyi District Court.

This was reported by "Suspilne".

When asked by the judge whether he pleaded guilty, the Russian replied: "Yes."

The trial of Russian prisoner Kulikov, who fired on a new building in Chernihiv from a tank, began on June 24.

On February 26, Kulikov and the commander of the tank battalion, Leonid Shchetkin, were driving on the ring road in the direction of Oleksandrivka. The report on suspicion says that Kulikov was ordered to turn the tank turret and shoot at a multi-story residential building. He carried out this order.

No one was killed or injured then, and the tank, which housed Kulikov and his battalion commander Leonid Shchetkin, was shot by the Ukrainian military. Shchetkin has already been exchanged, and Kulikov has appeared before a Ukrainian court.

Mykhailo Kulikov faces 8 to 12 years in prison under the article on war crimes.