In Mariupol they stop distributing humanitarian aid to everyone. The occupiers also determined the order of demolition of houses

Kostia Andreikovets

Today, June 30, in occupied Mariupol, is the last day for the distribution of humanitarian aid to all residents. Tomorrow the occupiers will hand over the humanitarian aid only to disabled people.

Adviser to the mayor Petro Andryushchenko said that the humanitarian aid from the Russians is such that the elderly have to eat moldy bread. In addition, the only available job in Mariupol is the dismantling of debris, which can get no more than 900 people.

In addition, Andryushchenko said that, according to his sources, the Russian occupiers approved the procedure for demolition and repair of damaged houses.

People are planned to be resettled in unoccupied surviving apartments. If the owners of these apartments do not appear within three months, the housing will be appropriated. If there are owners of apartments where people already live, the owners will be relocated to other vacant housing. At the same time, transportation of furniture and things is a personal problem for everyone.

"The beginning of the active phase of demolition is planned for the second decade of July. On July 1, a general list of houses for demolition will be published. But when exactly will be demolished — will be decided depending on the scandal of the situation and the presence of real residents. The fewer residents, the faster the demolition, "said the adviser.

The Russians also want to house people in concrete modules without interior repairs, but not before August.