”Proekt”: the Russian Defense Ministry is lying about the loss of the Armed Forces — in the statements of more “destroyed” equipment than could be in Ukraine

Julia Sheredeha

Russiaʼs Defense Ministry is lying about the success of the Russian army in Ukraine. There are crude and ridiculous inconsistencies in numbers and geography in all military reports.

The Proekt media conducted a study of almost 200 briefings of the Russian Defense Ministry from February 24 to June 26 and found that the Russian army "destroyed" more aircraft, tanks, armored vehicles and drones than could be in Ukraine, even taking into account supplies from other countries, namely:

  • 108% of Ukrainian aircraft;
  • 122% of armored vehicles and tanks;
  • 135% of drones.

General Igor Konashenkov, a representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, talks about the successes of the Russian army every day (and sometimes several times). Journalists have the impression that Konashenkov takes data from the air.

He reported on the capture of the same towns and villages several times and is constantly confused in the numbers of losses of the "enemy".

The lie of the press secretary of the Ministry of Defense is best illustrated by his favorite term — "areas of concentration of manpower and equipment" of Ukrainian troops. If you add up all of Konashenkovʼs statements, it turns out that Russia has destroyed 39.8 thousand such clusters, despite the fact that the rest of the militaryʼs statements contradict this figure.

"We have compiled all the figures from Konashenkovʼs reports on the destroyed equipment (tanks, artillery, air defense systems, electronic warfare stations, etc.) — it turned out that Russia destroyed a total of 9,715 units of equipment. That is, one area of accumulation of equipment does not even consist of one unit of equipment (although there should be more), but of a quarter of it," the journalists said.

The same with manpower. If you make all the statements, it turns out that the actions of the Russian army killed 40.5 thousand Ukrainian servicemen. This figure is unrealistic, journalists say, but it also follows that the destroyed cluster of manpower and equipment includes only one person.