Morning report of the General Staff: Armed Forces stopped the offensive in the Bakhmut direction and repulsed the assault near Dementievka in Kharkiv oblast

Julia Sheredeha

The General Staff released operational information as of 06:00 on the Russian invasion. The Armed Forces stopped the offensive in the Bakhmut direction and repulsed the assault in the Dementievka area in Kharkiv oblast.

  • In the Volyn and Polissya directions, units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus continue to be located in the border areas of Brest and Gomel regions. The military commissariats of these oblasts are studying the possibilities of covert mobilization of the population.
  • In Kharkiv direction, the Russians fired tanks, mortars, artillery and jet artillery at areas of Kharkiv, the settlements of Pytomnyk, Ukrainka, Peremoha, Dementiyivka, Prudyanka, Korobochkyne, and Rubizhne.
  • Defenders suppressed an attempted enemy assault near the village of Dementiivka. The occupiers withdrew. Air strikes were carried out near Prudyanka and Verkhny Saltov.
  • In the Slovyansk direction, Russian troops are regrouped and defended. The areas of Mazanivka, Dibrivna and Krasnopillya were fired upon with artillery of various calibers.
  • In the Donetsk direction, the enemy, with the support of artillery, is trying to block the city of Lysychansk and take control of the section of the Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway. He fired on civilian infrastructure in the areas of Lysychansk, Verkhnokamyanka and Siversk. He struck an air strike near Vovchoyarivka. He is advancing near Verkhnyokamyanka and storming the Lysychansk oil refinery, and fighting continues.
  • In the Kramatorsk direction, the Russians fired on Ukrainian artillery positions.
  • In the Bakhmut direction, shelling near Berestove, Pokrovske and Zvanivka and an air strike near Pokrovsky were recorded. Ukrainian soldiers stopped the offensive and inflicted significant losses on the occupiers in the areas of the settlements of Klynove and Novoluhanske, as well as repulsed the assault in the direction of Vuhlehirsk TPP. In both cases, the enemy retreated.
  • In the Avdiivka, Kurakove, Novopavlivske and Zaporizhzhia directions, the enemy fired on the districts of Vodyane, Avdiivka, Maryinka, Vuhledar, Poltavka, Novoukrainske, Novosilka, and Orikhiv. He struck air strikes at our positions near Avdiivka and Shcherbakiv. He tried to carry out assault operations in the Pavlivka area, was unsuccessful, and withdrew.
  • In the South Buh area, the Russians continue to systematically shell civilian and military infrastructure and regroup. Inflicted airstrikes in the areas of Knyazivka, Potemkin and Bereznehuvaty. Conducted air reconnaissance. The threat of missile strikes on the regionʼs critical infrastructure continues.
  • Two carriers of naval-based cruise missiles of the "Kalibr" type are ready for the use of missile weapons in the Black Sea.