Russian helicopters carried out a group raid on the north of Kherson oblast. The Armed Forces repulsed it

Julia Sheredeha

The Russian military carried out a group flight by helicopter to the north of Kherson oblast, but the Armed Forces repulsed it with a portable anti-aircraft missile system.

This was reported in Operational command "South".

Enemy Mi-8s tried to knock out Ukrainian units from the settlements of Kherson oblast, which had just been repulsed, but were unsuccessful.

A group flight of helicopters to the north of Kherson oblast was repulsed by a portable anti-aircraft missile system. Dodging, the Russians withdrew.

The Russian troops terrorized Odesa oblast with missiles fired by aircraft and the Bastion coastal missile complex from the direction of the occupied Crimea. One missile was destroyed over Odesa district, five more attacked the Black Sea coast in Izmail district. Due to the restriction of the use of the coastal strip, the damage is minimized, there are no victims.

Ukrainian aircraft practiced seven air strikes by attack aircraft and helicopters on the command and control post, several clusters of enemy forces and equipment, and two ammunition depots along the front line.

Ukrainian missile and artillery units completed about 150 fire missions.

As a result, the Russian army lost more than 40 troops, two Msta-B howitzers and a self-propelled Msta-C howitzer, three units of armored and automobile equipment, and a field depot of fuel and lubricants.