Canada will provide Ukraine with additional financial assistance of 151.7 million Canadian dollars, as well as a loan of 200 million through the IMF

Julia Sheredeha

After his participation in the G7 summit in Germany, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau announced the provision of new aid to Ukraine in the amount of 151.7 million Canadian dollars. Canada will also provide Ukraine with a loan of 200 million through the IMF.

This is stated in a statement on the website of the Prime Minister.

Trudeau has announced Canadian $ 151.7 million in new humanitarian, development, peace and security support for Ukraine.

This includes $ 75 million in humanitarian aid for Ukrainians: food, emergency cash payments, protection, housing and medical services.

The aid also includes $ 52 million for agricultural solutions, including grain storage facilities to improve food security, $ 15 million to support demining, and $ 9.7 million to account for human rights violations.

The Prime Minister also announced that Canada would provide Ukraine with a $ 200 million loan through the International Monetary Fund to help meet its urgent liquidity needs.

He also announced that the 73 million Canadian dollars of humanitarian aid that Canada had promised on April 9, 2022, had now been allocated to resolve the crisis in Ukraine and neighboring countries.