The Russian military detained the mayor of Kherson Ihor Kolykhaiev. He was searched after a letter from the “newly appointed head”

Kostia Andreikovets

The Russian military detained the mayor of Kherson Ihor Kolykhaiev.

This was reported by his adviser Halyna Liashevska.

At the end of April, Oleksandr Kobts, a deputy of the city council, was "appointed" mayor of occupied Kherson.

On April 25, Kolykhaiev said that armed men entered the Kherson City Council building, took the keys, and changed the councilʼs security to their own. The next day, the staff was introduced to the "new head of administration" and offered to cooperate with the occupiers. Kolykhaiev stated that he refused the offer, but remained to live in Kherson.

Later, Liashevska reported that in the morning Kolykhaiev arrived at the municipal institution where the staff of the city executive committee had been working recently. He was detained near this building by representatives of the Rosgvardia and the FSB. The occupiers removed the hard drives and conducted a search. At that time, the mayor was in a separate office in handcuffs. After a search, Kolykhaiev was put on a bus and taken away in an unknown direction.

She is convinced that Kolykhaievʼs detention is connected with his refusal to work for the occupiers.

A few days ago, Kolykhaiev received a letter from the "newly appointed mayor," inviting him to discuss the future "organization of interaction." He threatened arrest for refusing to meet. Kolykhaiev did not leave," she said.