“The Times” reported on the Ukrainian “Shaman” Battalion, which conducted raids in Russia

Anhelina Sheremet

The British newspaper “The Times" reported on the Ukrainian battalion "Shaman" — an elite unit of the Ukrainian special forces, which had several operations in the deep rear of the enemy, on the Russian territory.

The battalionʼs mission is to destroy the infrastructure vital to the Kremlinʼs military operations. “The Times” writes that there were several raids. They were conducted by two operatives, with whom journalists spoke, and an intelligence officer. They were thrown into Russia at night on helicopters which crossed the border at low altitudes.

"We send them to perform the most difficult tasks, because they are the best and most courageous. They are extremely important for military operations," the spy said on condition of anonymity. Those who pass exhausting tests are accepted into the battalion. The fighters also have skills in diving, skydiving, and mountaineering.

“The Times” writes that the presence of such raids helps explain the failures in the work of Russian refineries, ammunition depots, and communications networks.

"The most interesting missions in the enemyʼs rear: the installation of explosives on the front line and abroad," said a soldier with the call sign "Twenty-two". According to another, "Handsome", the Russians donʼt know what happened during such raids: "They often canʼt believe that we were there."

However, the elite special forces are not only engaged in raids in the rear. Their tasks also include coordinating less experienced infantry and participating in battles in Ukraine. In particular, they "met" Russian special forces at Antonov Airport in Gostomel, cleared the village of Moshchun near Kyiv, took part in all important battles in the capital region, and persecuted Russians as they fled to Belarus through the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.

The newspaper writes that the fighters of the “Shaman” Battalion were also present in Afghanistan in the summer of 2021 and earned the fame of the elite of the Ukrainian special forces. Probably, this is a "daring" special operation of the Ukrainian military to evacuate refugees from Kabul. Then the Ukrainian military entered Kabul on foot — here are more details about this special operation.