The Russian occupiers blocked about 80 foreign ships in Ukrainian ports

Anna Kholodnova

About 80 foreign vessels are currently blocked in Ukrainian ports.

This was announced by Deputy Head of the Seaports Administration for Interaction with Authorities Dmytro Barinov during a briefing at the Ukraine-Ukrinform Media Center.

"In our ports, there are about 80 blocked foreign vessels together with crews. Some were evacuated at the beginning, some were replaced by Ukrainian sailors. Because the ship cannot be left unattended. The goods remain on these ships, but they cannot leave the ports under these circumstances," he said.

According to Barinov, information about one of the ships that allegedly managed to leave the port of Mariupol has not been confirmed. This ship was tracked, but there is no connection with it.

  • Since the beginning of the war against Ukraine, the Russian fleet has blocked the Azov and Black Seas. Ukrainian exports by sea are completely stopped. Russia has besieged Ukrainian ports, mined part of the sea and is constantly trying to break into Ukrainian waters. The Russian authorities are making demands to Ukraine in exchange for unblocking ports.